The Application Process

Admission are made to A-level I in August/September after result of O-level Exam.

Migration case of A-level classes is subject to the availability of seats and discretion of the college authorities. A transfer certificate, last progress report and report for college fee duly paid in the previous institute are required for the admission of the student who migrates from another college.

Application along with prospectus is to be obtained on payment from college office.

No application will be entertained after the last date for submission of applications.

As per Punjab Education Code, tuition fee & funds are levied for twelve months of the year from May 1 to April 30.

Payment of dues must be made within the scheduled dates otherwise seats will be offered to the next candidates. No extension will be given.

Dues paid at the time of admission are non-refundable.

Dues for A-level II (Session July 1 to June 30) to be paid on bi-monthly basis w.e.f 1st July for A-level II.