Crescent Early Years & Primary Section

Aligned with the IB philosophy, our school is dedicated to enhancing the education of a diverse and inclusive student community by providing challenging, high-quality international programs. The overarching vision of Crescent School is to create a joyful, nurturing, and intellectually stimulating environment where students can discover and realize their fullest potential, fostering their ability to contribute meaningfully to society.

In consonance with the IB Philosophy, Crescent School offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP) designed for students aged 3 to 12 years. This transformative educational experience focuses on the holistic development of students as inquirers, both within the classroom and in the broader world. Our PYP program spans from Pre-K to PYP 5, encompassing Early Years and Primary levels.

The Early Years section comprises
The Primary Section is further categorized into
Lower Primary Upper Primary
--- PYP 5

Our dedicated facilitators and leads are not only enthusiastic about the IB framework but also value the continuous professional development opportunities it provides. Through year-round online and face-to-face workshops, our assistant teachers collaborate closely with homeroom teachers to optimize students' learning experiences and achieve desired educational outcomes.

At Crescent School, the PYP curriculum embraces multilingualism by incorporating children's languages, the mother tongue, and the language of instruction. Beginning in Early Years, our learners engage with Urdu and English. Teachers utilize various audio, video, and pictorial displays to foster curiosity and develop listening and speaking skills. The digital literacy program further enhances communication and creative-thinking skills. Early exposure to coding helps students in sequential thinking, sorting, and decision-making. While English is encouraged predominantly in the classroom, Mandarin, German, and French are introduced in PYP 3, supported by language specialists who facilitate related activities.

Early Years Programme

Primary Years Programme