Dates Events
9th November 2015 Iqbal Day (Closed Holiday)
16th November 2015 Students to wear semi winter uniform
14th - 28th November 2015 2nd Terminal Examination
5th December 2015 Result of 2nd terminal examination
7th December 2015 Students to wear full winter uniform
12th December 2015 Annual Sports Day
24th December 2015 - 3rd January 2016 Winter Holidays
4th January 2016 School reopens at 7:45 a.m.
4th January - 5th February 2016 Test session for classes IX & X
4th January - 8th February 2016 Registration for Admission to Class I
23rd January 2016 Inter School Debates
4th February 2016 Farewell Party to Class V
5th February 2016 Kashmir Day - Holiday
8th February - 19th March 2016 Registration for Admission to Classes II to IX & O level
12th - 15th February 2016 Admission test for Class I
13th February 2016 Farewell Party to Class X
27th February - 14th March 2016 Promotion Examination & Mock Examination of Class IX
28th February 2016 Result of admission test for Class I
15th March - 3rd April 2016 Spring Break
21st March 2016 Result of Promotion Examination
26th March 2016 Bonfire/Farewell to Class C-III
26th March 2016 Orientation for Class I
28th March 2016 Admission Test for classes II to IX & O level
4th April 2016 New Classes start at 7:00 a.m.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent teacher meeting will be updated soon.

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Tips-Help your kids excel in academics


    Organization is the key to success and efficiency of the students. It is not just the school the school work but the students need to be organized for the daily routine. There needs to time set for everything, and all the activities, this includes school work, sports, and extra-curricular activities. Students need to set a set a time for everything they do, there needs to be a defined time limit for all of the activities, so the students can progress in all the major areas of life. Keeping balance will allow the students to be more active, productive, efficient and energetic.


    It is crucial not only for the students but for the parents as well to communicate with the teachers. Communication is the key to resolve all the issues that you face. Whenever you face difficulty in any subject, of any sort always go your teacher and tell the problem you face. If you do not tell this to your teacher, how do you expect the teacher to help you? Parents also need to stay in the loop, so that they know how their child is performing. And both the parents and teachers working together can overcome the problem a student faces. Crescent regularly hold Parent Teacher Meetings so to facilitate the students.


    Do you always find yourself always going through chapters and chapters night before the exam? Well worry not since there is an easy solution to this, take notes! Whenever attending a lecture, always take notes and make pointers of the major points that your teacher tells you. This will help in two major ways. For one, it will increase your concentration level during a lecture, second whenever you have an exam it will be much easier to revise and remember all that your teacher had taught you.


    It is really important to rest as well, along with working hard. Time yourself always, do not go studying for a long consecutive hours. Make a reward system for yourself, for example after studying for two hours straight take a break for 30 minutes. This way you keep both your mind and body relaxed and your productivity and energy is maximized.


    If you do what you love, nothing will feel impossible. Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do! Do not let other people control your dreams and ambitions. You should keep in mind that if you want to follow your dreams, you need to work very very hard in your life; it will require more effort than you think. However the reward that you get will be price less!

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